12 Quotes on Fear to Encourage You

Starting a new business has been tough.

It’s been up, and it’s been down. [You can catch up on the journey by reading my two major posts on launching my law firm: Going Over the Handlebars and Everything is Falling Apart.]

One of the things we all face regularly is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of dying. Fear of your new law firm tanking and taking your family with it. (OK. Maybe that is just my fear.)

There is plenty to be afraid of. Just last month, Chapman University published America’s Top Fears in 2015.

But faith is greater than fear.

“Everything is Falling Apart and Going Terribly Wrong.” [A Launch Update]

Well, I launched over the handlebars (see my previous post), and it felt like I landed face first and was headed to the hospital.

Ready to Launch

As the first major push of my new law firm, I set out to host online live trainings (“webinars”) to assist conservative churches and ministries establish appropriate statements, policies, and procedures to respond to the new legal landscape regarding same-sex marriage.

I had my webinar software set up. I had my PowerPoint drafted. I had a new HD computer camera and an expensive mic.

And I couldn’t move.

Going Over the Handlebars…Again (A Big Personal Update)

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that I live for adventure. I love traveling, dreaming big, and experiencing new people, food, and places. This includes my periodic adventures on my mountain bike.

On Monday this week, I headed out on my bike for exercise and adventure. On that trip, I found a grass-covered hole and ended up going over the handlebars. I’m fine, no hospital visit this time. But I do have a few bruises.

Over the Handlebars.

It made me think about the other “over the handlebar” moments Elizabeth, the family, and I have encountered over the last decade. And more than that, how those are the moments that define who I am, have produced the best fruit, and brought me to life. It’s scary to go head-long at life and worry if you might go over the handlebars, but I don’t want it any other way.

When we first looked at adopting from Africa, we figured out we couldn’t do it. But we did it anyway. We went over the handlebars. A couple times. But Moriah is ours because we set out on the adventure.

When we decided to adopt again, we figured out we shouldn’t do it. But we did it anyway. We went over the handlebars, but God showed up too many times to count, including an Indian man handing us $15,300 in hundred dollar bills on our front porch in Uganda. Let me tell you that story sometime. And Stella and Justus are here because we went for it.

My Next Adventure.

So here is the next adventure:

Living by Giving

Living by giving—What strange words these, To those who strive but themselves to please, Who think by getting and keeping they’ll find Happiness, pleasure, and peace of mind! She could have hidden the ointment sweet,And held back the tears that drenched His...

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