I live for adventure. We all do.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on “helping others Build Something Great.” My mission is to help you design the life you want, take significant steps forward, and realize your dreams. I’m writing primarily to myself. My hope is that it encourages and challenges you, too. As a result, I write about my thoughts and the adventure I’m on.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that we can put to work in our personal and professional lives. If you want to build something great, then this is the blog for you.

My personal definition of success:

Living a full life on an adventure with those I love making a significant difference in others’ lives for good.

My Top Posts

If you are new to my site, you might want to start with my most popular posts. Here are my top three:

  • The Keyboard Challenge– a challenge to you to put the phone down and to pick the keyboard up. Stop consuming, start creating.
  • Don’t go alone– the necessity of the team. We need each other.
  • Living by Giving– the poem that I try to live by. A constant reminder that we have to live for something bigger.

You can also check my blog’s archive for a list of every post I have written or use the search function to find other posts that might be of interest.

My Biography

I am an attorney that has spent the last decade solving problems for charities, churches, and small businesses. I’m licensed in Texas and Kentucky.

I have been married to my wife, Elizabeth, for ten years. We have four daughters and a son: Stella, Clara, Moriah, Tessa, and Justus. We live outside Dallas, Texas.

The Wilkersons on an Adventure

Justus, Elizabeth, Clara, Stella, me, Moriah, and Tessa.

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, sports, writing, reading, and tinkering.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via email at austin@austinwilkerson.com.

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