In all the great stories, the hero has his sidekick: Batman has Robin, Frodo has Sam, King David has his mighty men, Shackleton has his crew. Even the great solo track stars have their coaches, their teammates, and their families.

As humans we don’t live alone. We are defined by our teams, our churches, our tribes.

Yet we constantly try to reach our dreams by ourselves. I am the worst at this.

In my last post, the Keyboard Challenge, you saw how sharing your goals may keep you from reaching them. But I don’t want you to think that means you have to do it alone. That would be a recipe for failure.

So how can you break out from your silence and connect with others to help you reach your dreams?

Here are four easy strategies that you can use to build your team.

1. Talk about your dream all the time.

You can do this one today. Talk about it at lunch. Share it in small talk. But remember, if all you do is talk, then you are probably sabotaging your chances of success.

The best thing would be to mention the small achievements you are already making:

“I wrote my second blog post, and I’m trying to build my audience.”

“I ran a mile for the first time yesterday. I’m looking for a running club to join.”

You get the idea.

2. Join/setup a mastermind group.

Mastermind groups are all the rage. Groups of like-minded individuals getting together to challenge and help each other. Google “group meeting [insert your dream here]”.

If one exists, join it. If it doesn’t, create it. Go to, and start that group.

The last two biographies I read were written about men who were part of groups. I think their success was directly related to their memberships in the group. Who were they? Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin.

3. Create your keynote.

Channel your inner Steve Jobs, and create a presentation that effectively communicates your vision. This makes the best sense for business dreams, but this could also help with achieving  a personal goal.

Writing it down makes you think through the steps, the hurdles, and the desired outcome.  Some of you could do this in an evening.

Once you’ve done that, send it to everyone you know. And ask for their feedback. You’ll be shocked at what opportunities are unlocked.

4. Advertise your small achievements.

This goes along with number one above and the Keyboard Challenge. Go take a step and broadcast it to the world. That is what Facebook and Twitter are for.

Once again, you have no idea what might come from it.


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I want to help as many people as I can build something great. I can’t do it alone. I need your help.


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