The computer keyboard may be the most important and powerful tool that exists today. You have heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, the keyboard is mightier still.

Keyboard Challenge
It is very unlikely that the next great novel will be created on a tablet or a smartphone. The typewriter has a better chance of that. (h/t to Seth Godin)

NASA is not going to trade in their computers for touchscreens anytime soon.

Tablets and phones are great for consuming, but not so great for creating. So put down your phone and take (or give) the Keyboard Challenge.

How was the Keyboard Challenge created?

I was talking with a very good friend the other day on my drive home. He was very excited about some opportunities that he is pursuing. Who am I kidding? I’m excited about the opportunities he is pursuing.

He was about to tell me how he was “going to write a post on the three…” I told him to “stop.”

Why did I tell him to stop?

I didn’t want him to waste the idea, and the corresponding good feelings, on me.

You see, there is this terrible problem with sharing ideas. When we share our ideas, projects, and goals with friends, family, or strangers; we get the same rush of hormones and adrenaline that we would get if we actually did it. If I told you I was planning to run a 5k for Thanksgiving, I would get almost the same good feelings from telling you about it as I would by actually accomplishing it.

Here is a a very short Ted talk (3 minutes) that explains this better than I could. Watch it and then challenge your friends and family to take the Keyboard Challenge.

The Keyboard Challenge

So here is the Keyboard Challenge: go do something and show it to me. Don’t tell anyone about it. We don’t want to hear what your weight goal is. We don’t want to know what exercises you are going to do next week. I don’t want to hear about the blog post you are going to write; I want to read it.

You can take the Keyboard Challenge, or you can challenge your friends to take the Keyboard Challenge.

Here are the steps for the Keyboard Challenge:

Step One:

Go take a very tangible step toward your goal, and don’t tell anybody about it.

Example: This post is my first Keyboard Challenge. I’ve been telling people about my blog for years and done nothing. This post is a surprise to everyone that loves me. I’m taking the first step (again).

Step Two:

Post the result in the comments below and on your social media of choice.

Example: If you created your Etsy shop, let us know. If you just finished your first workout in years, let us know. If you just finished a short story, let us know. Reminder: don’t tell us about the big hairy audacious end goal, we want to celebrate this first tangible step with you. Then we want you to keep taking steps and telling us about them AFTER you complete them.

Step Three:

Challenge someone you care about to stop talking about their dreams and to take the Keyboard Challenge. Encourage them to take a tangible step.

Example: I’ll post a copy of my tweet to my brother as soon as I publish this post.

Edit: Here is my first challenge laid down:

As you can see, you don’t need a keyboard to successfully pass the Keyboard Challenge. Your dream may require for you to get outside, or pull out your canvas, or get your hands dirty. I highly doubt it will involve a tablet or a smartphone.

Now, get to it and let me know about your tangible results in the comments!


 h/t Seth Godin- Without a keyboard

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